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Eric Nopanen


What everyone is listening to

William Stitt

A Social Playlist

Share music, say hi, enjoy together!

  • Sociable Music

    Instead of going each to their own headphones, listen to the same songs and let them spark conversations!

  • Enjoyable Music

    Make the people next to you smile with little notes and song dedications; just like on radio shows in the old days.

  • Everyone's Music

    Listen to everyone else's favorite songs, share yours, and find new music together!

James Stamler

Discover New Music

Share your music taste with others

  • Pick a Channel

    A channel is where everyone you'd like to share music with is gathered. Find your music mates by choosing one of the active channels or creating your own!

  • Request a Song

    Whether it's a song you want to share with others, or songs you're too afraid to listen alone (it's a thing), request it on the channel and blast it for everyone to hear!

  • Get Your Player On

    Your channel is ready to go! Open up one player for everyone in the room, or one for each of you who's far from the group. Stay musically in touch no matter where you are!